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On the right you will find a list of categories of emoticons,click on it and enjoy!. These smilies are an accumulation of smilies found on the Internet,smile made by me and by other user of our community.

If any of these are Copyrighted please notify me and I will immediatly remove them!!!

» SmileHunting!
I missed one of the smile you like?Plese e-mail me and I'll mail you back when it will be added to the collection!

» Do you feel a smile artist?
Then let's have fun togher,put your creations on this topic and I'll add them in the "made by us" section!!!

» Smiley Links
Do you have nice a smiley site and wish to be linked?Send me your 88x31 banner to donia@email.it,I'll be glad to add you in this page!!

» Attenction!!!
In the ' Made by us ' category you'll find emoticon made,modified or invented by me and the user of VnW community,you are free to use them in forums or mail, If you feature one of those smilies in your personal forums,blinkies,image collections, or site, please remember to ask the smile creator in this topic,if you wish to use my smiles(donia) please credit my work with a link!!

All images property belongs to the authors or creators.
Last Update 17/03/2004